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Mint a Taur

About the project

Mint O'Taurs is DeArt's genesis collection. The set consists of 5050 NFTs with cool looking skins, clothes and accessories, market theme and Harmony supporters.

The Mint O'Taurs collection will have many additional use cases and features besides being a collectible, such as:

· Training (at least 50% chance to upgrate the NFT's rarity).
· Access to an exclusive Play to Earn Labyrinth Game.
· Access to DeArt's Loyalty Program benefits.
· A chance to obtain a very rare NFT from a set of only 30 pieces during The Taurs Awards event in late 2022.

Mint O'Taurs Backstory

Train your NFTs for a chance to upgrade their rarity.

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Normal training = 50% chance to upgrade

Intensive training = 100% chance to upgrade

Labyrinth Quest

Exclusive Play 2 Earn game for the Mint O'Taurs holders where players need to find the Minotaur at the center of the Labyrinth before they run out of time. A total price of 20.000 ONE would be distributed among top players.

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Taurs Awards

The Taurs Awards will be a special event for the Mint O'Taurs community which will take place in late 2022.

During this event, some Mint O'Taurs holders will be awarded with the Taur Statue, the rarest NFT of the whole collection.

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Q1 Art Development and Marketing Campaign
Q2 Collection Launch and Community Contests
Q3 Training Feature
Q4 Labyrinth Game and Taurs Awards

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When is the Mint O'Taurs collection going to be launched?
June 1st 2022 is the official launch date for the Mint O’Taurs collection. Stay tuned!
What is the minting price going to be?
800 ONE per piece.
How much is the royalty fee?
What are the compatible wallets?
Metamask, Trust Wallet, Wallet Connect
How many pieces can I mint?
As many as you want. However, you can only mint 1, 2, 5 or 10 pieces at once. There are a total of 5050.
When is the Training System going to be launched?
The Training System will be launched during the Q3 2022. Stay tuned for more details.
How does the Rarity System work?
The Rarity system is based on what we like to call NFTiers: Common, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond (from lower to higher). The Rarity it’s upgradable, has utility and might be the reason you earn an Award.
If the rarity does not depend on the parts, what about them?
The parts of the NFTs will be relevant during the Taurs Awards Event in late 2022.
When is the Labyrinth Game going to be released?
The Labyrinth Game will be launched during the Q4 of 2022. Stay tuned for more details.
Is the Taurs Awards Event the final feature this collection will have?
No. Holding at least one Mint O’Taur will automatically make the owner part of DeArt’s Loyalty Program, which includes several benefits that will come along with the launch of the upcoming collections.
Is it possible to move my Mint O'Taurs NFTs to the Ethereum Blockchain?
Yes, it is. But it is quite expensive to do so. You can follow the guide in this doc if you choose to do it.
What is DeArt Gallery?
DeArt Gallery is the NFT Studio behind the Mint O’Taurs collection. Visit DeArt’s Website to learn more about its plan to launch many more NFT collections and community Platforms in the Harmony Blockchain.

Mint O'Taurs Minting contract:
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